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FAM Products

A full range of machines & accessories

The innovative inkjet printer synonymous with savings, absence of maintenance, quality and reliability.

FAM is HP partner and develops printers equipped with Hp thermal inkjet technology. FAM is also exclusive distributor of Kao Collins® (Collins Ink).

Top of the range from the Japanese KgK. High performance, reliability and consumption reduced to a minimum.
Fam Favata offers inks and other fluids compatible with those of the best brands such as VideoJet®, Domino®,…


Food & Beverage

FAM International applies innovative technologies to introduce new line of printing inks for food packaging using unique expertise in this industry. Whether designed for canned fruits and vegetables, prepared foods,…


We offer excellence for the pharmaceutical printing industry. High quality marking, safety standards and cutting edge technologies determines the essence of our pharmaceutical inks and systems from FAM International. Compliancy…

Wire Cable Extrusion

We understand the value of resistance in pre-and post processing, as well as uptime and productivity in a tough production environment.Features of our products important to the Wire Cable Extrusion…


FAM International is the new division of FAM Favata Advanced Marking founded in 1954. We offer Italian marking excellence with each industrial inkjet printer we manufacture. Our supreme line of printing equipment and industrial marking inks set new standards in quality and performance on both local and international markets.

Located in the Northern part of Italy close to Milan, FAM International was established to represent a comprehensive range of marking solutions for modern industries and set up a worldwide network of professional distributors present in more than 120 countries.

FAM International manufactures and supplies high-quality inkjet printers and industrial marking inks for printing on production lines. Our fluids and accessories meet the highest modern requirements of the international market. Our range of products includes industrial printers, independent ink cartridges, inkjet fluids and printing solutions for a variety of industries.

We also develop strong expertise on local market thanks to excellence in distribution of ALTERNATIVE high quality industrial inkjet fluids and parts for printers like Videojet®, Domino®, Markem-Imaje®, Hitachi®, Linx®, Willett®, Leibinger ®, Citronix®  etc.

Nowadays our portfolio includes solid partnerships with the best players on worldwide scene:

Inkjet Inc.® for the supply of compatible marking Inks and spare parts;

KGK Jet® for industrial Cij printers;

Hp® for industrial Tij printers.

We apply innovative technologies and solid experience in industrial marking inks producing black and colored inks water-based, solvent-based, alcohol-based, MEK and oil-based, for CIJ and DOD ink-jet printers produced by Videojet®, Domino®, Markem-Imaje®, Hitachi®, Linx®, Willett®, Leibinger ®, Citronix® and many other brands of high quality.


Industrial Inkjet Marking

Inkjet marking is one of the method for industrial marking identification. There are several benefits by using Industrial Inkjet Marking Systems such as low Upfront Cost, average operation cost and many more. Inkjet markers allow the marking of different kind of patterns for various materials for a low purchase price. With the help of our industrial inkjet marking solutions, now we are able to print on various kind of products from primary production line packing to secondary packaging products. Our team is dedicated to use the resources with their best optimum and provides quality service. You can connect anytime for reaching to the sales team of industrial inkjet and make your success more colorful with our experienced and modern technology.


Industrial Printers

There are lots of benefits of having a Famjet industrial printer in your factory such as:

  • These printers are built with high print quality
  • They have low maintenance durability
  • They provides high-volume continuous printing
  • They are high flexible to adopt any media and business application

Industrial Printers are larger in size as they have to work in warehouse environments. They mostly work as a part of production lines or shipping dock. They are designed to use continuously to make the printing fast and accurate. They have high print resolution which is used to print small precision type labels. Also it is used for printing 2D Codes, Data Matrix, Text and graphics on a wide variety of media.


Industrial Printing

Industrial printing is known for the product and packaging indentification. In simple words, the printing facility which is not meant or possible in house or offices, are completed by the industrial printers. If you want to know that why people need this type of printing then read the below points:

  • This type is used in printing best before end dates, barcodes, batch codes, QR codes or variable data onto packaging.
  • Provides high quality printing as per the company demand
  • It has easy set up capabilities and color touch screen functionality.


Industrial Printing Systems

For the industrial growth of the economy, industrial printing systems play an important role. The printing system which is used to print on steel, metal, paper, wood and plastic products are known as industrial printing systems. This system is made for printing via keeping the problematic factors aside such as high heat, dust, and fast production speeds. Under these conditions, various applications are used to print such as:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharma
  • Cosmetic
  • Constructions
  • Packaging.


Inkjet Marking technology

This is an automatic marking or printing process that generates exact outputs on a media with the help of ink. This marking is used for primary or secondary packaging. This is also known for 2D,  Barcodes and Graphics printing. And with the modern technology, now printers are becoming more advanced as they do multi functioning via scanning, printing and copying. Also it has improved the speed and quality in providing the highest quality. Let’s read some of the basic advantages of Inkjet Marking which makes it different from others:

  • They are economical so that it is easy to buy and use them for any purpose.
  • They provide high quality output for images as well as text  and variable data with their advanced technology.
  • It is small and easily adjustable in any place. It does not require a huge place to be fitted in.
  • They are light in weight so that you can carry them as well with you.