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Food & Beverage

FAM International applies innovative technologies to introduce new lines of industrial inkjet printers and  inks for food and bevarage packaging applications. Whether designed for canned fruits and vegetables, prepared foods, condiments, soft drinks or carbonated water, our products are designed to increase productivity, improve products presentation and reduce downtime.

Continuous inkjet printer for food packaging using small characters will perfectly fit food and beverage applications featuring models like KGK JET 3000L or 3100. Tetrapack application can use the same range of models with dedicated software management. Other very important sectors can be also reached with our Thermal inkjet food packaging solutions featuring our Famjets range and models for primary and secondary packaging. Marking of eggs on a production line will perfectly suit our thermal and continuous printing inks for food packaging applications. Finally pet-food is the most flexible sector accepting complete range of continuous and thermal inkjet solutions.

The entire range of our inkjet printer for food packaging solutions and technical features include

  • Serialization
  • Moisture Penetration
  • Vitreous/Metallics/Synthetics/Polymers
  • Direct Food Contact
  • Thermo Chromic/Color Change
  • Re-Tort
  • Fast Dry
  • UV/Invisible Ink
  • UV curable Ink
  • Edible FDA inks with certifications

We have proven solutions for the unique challenges related to beverage, bottling and canning industries.

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