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UV Inkjet Printer and Printing Solution

We provide dedicated UV inkjet printing solutions using Hp technology that will suit your needs in the best way, paying particular attention to our UV Light Led technology with elevated performance and cost-effective features. FAM International is taking advantage of the latest UV Injket printing technologies offering new products range of UV printing systems for standard and specific applications.

Nowadays the fastest growing sector for UV is inkjet printing, growing across the world this technology is practical, performing and cost-effective. The volume of labels printed with UV inkjet printer is foreseen to increase significantly over the next years. This technology is developing rapidly on both the printing and ink fronts.
Quality has greatly improved through better design and integration of printer, fluids and UV light.Our UV inkjet printer Led Light XL-160 UV LAMP is perfectly suitable for a broad range of applications including fiber-coupled illumination, inspection, adhesives, and many others.

XL-160 UV Lamp

• Curing:
> Inks > Coatings > Adhesives
• Inspection
• Machine Vision
• Fiber-coupled illumination
• Specialty Projection Systems for Maskless Lithography
• Rapid Prototyping and 3D printing
• Medical and Scientific Instrumentation

Optical characters:
•Wave length: 395nm( 365-410nm model optional)
•Ultraviolet intensity: 4W/ cm2.
•View angel: X-Axis 140 degree
Y-Axis 120 degree
•Light window: 54 mm x 18 mm
Irradiance measured by DYMAX ACCU-CAL 50-LED Meter, and the distance of test is 5 mm.

•AC input : 110v -220v AC
•Power : < 300W
•Coiling: Air fan coiling.

•Trigger: Photocell or other triggers signal.
•Light time form Triger: 1s -60s Adjustable.
•Displayed by LED.
•Protection: Internal LED pattern temperature sensor,
shutdown when over heat than 100 centigrade


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UV Inkjet Printer and Printing Solution


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