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Industrial inkjet is the core of Fam Jet production. We apply innovative technologies and our solid expertise to provide industrial inkjet printers of highest quality for the whole range of industries. FAM International offers its customers inkjet markers for different sectors and areas of application: food, bavarage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial.

Revolutionizing industrial inkjet applications FAM International introduces new quality standards and effective approach standing out on international markets.For the food and beverage sectors, inkjet coders are available to print specific areas on bottling, packaging, confectionery, egg and pet food marking. The assortment of industrial inkjet printers and coders for the cosmetic-pharmaceutical sector is wide and able to meet the needs of reliability and precision required by these industries.

In the absence of automated transport systems, products or packaging can still be marked with our hand-held mobile/portable inkjet printers. If you want to know detailed technical characteristics of industrial inkjet printers from FAM International, consult the individual product sheets or contact our consolidated team of professionals to get detailed consultation and find optimal solutions for your industry.

Food & Beverage


FAM International applies innovative technologies to introduce new line of printing inks for food packaging using unique expertise in this industry. Whether designed for canned fruits and vegetables, prepared foods,…



We offer excellence for the pharmaceutical printing industry. High quality marking, safety standards and cutting edge technologies determines the essence of our pharmaceutical inks and systems from FAM International. Compliancy…

Wire Cable Extrusion


We understand the value of resistance in pre-and post processing, as well as uptime and productivity in a tough production environment.Features of our products important to the Wire Cable Extrusion…