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Deliver both beauty of funcionalities and reliability



  • Curing: > Inks > Coatings > Adhesives
  • Inspection
  • Machine Vision
  • Fiber-coupled illumination
  • Specialty Projection Systems for Maskless Lithography
  • Rapid Prototyping and 3D printing
  • Medical and Scientific Instrumentation

Optical characters:

  • Wave length: 395nm( 365-410nm model optional)
  • Ultraviolet intensity: 4W/ cm2.
  • View angel: X-Axis 140 degree Y-Axis 120 degree
  • Light window: 54 mm x 18 mm Irradiance measured by DYMAX ACCU-CAL 50-LED Meter, and the distance of test is 5 mm.


  • AC input : 110v -220v AC
  • Power : < 300W
  • Coiling: Air fan coiling.


  • Trigger: Photocell or other triggers signal.
  • Light time form Triger: 1s -60s Adjustable.
  • Displayed by LED.
  • Protection: Internal LED pattern temperature sensor,shutdown when over heat than 100 centigrade


Maximum number of lines: 7×2 or 16×1 Std version 16×2 or 32×1 32Dots version only
Maximum Speed Up to 600 dots/s each nozzle or 60 m/min
Environment operating temperature: from -5°C to + 40°C
Power Supply: input rating:110-220VAc
Printhead: 7 dots: diameter 60mm, length 182 mm 16 dots: diameter 9mm, length 122mm
Ink Types Water, Ethanol or Mek Based



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