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Famjet mobiles (dk; dk mini mobile; stylon):

High resolution ink-jet printers for alphanumeric characters, logos and barcodes up to 25mm on a wide range of porous and glossy surfaces.

Famjet MOBILES series have advanced technology, convenient price, simple use, lightness (less than 1 kg.) and manageability (100% wireless), various applications, no maintenance.

The printing system used is based on TIJ thermal inkjet technology; using HP 45 cartridges with in-cartridge resident print engine.

Alphanumeric characters, logos or even bidirectional barcodes (datamatrix etc.) can be printed at various resolutions, up to 750 dpi.

The messages, which also contain variable data, counters, etc., can be edited directly using the appropriate wireless palmtop controller and then displayed, recalled or modified on the touch-screen on board the printer, or created on the PC using the Editor Software in supplied and loaded onto the marker with a USB stick.

The front of the printers is an encoder, which ensures both the optimal distance of 3 mm. of the nozzles from the support on which to print, is a written with an always regular width regardless of the inevitable speed variations in the case of manual advancement.

The FAMJET MOBILES line includes: