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The Famjet Pleyon inkjet printer combines all the advantages of HP Thermal inkjet 2.5 technology with a reliable and flexible bulk ink delivery system.

Ideal for high-volume industrial coding and marking applications. The Pleyon system provides clear, legibile and cost effective large and small characters printing. The bulk ink system is featured by a new genuine HP Printhead and a 400ml ink Cartridge for a maintenance free and long-range system.

Environmental and production friendly provided there is no waste of disposable material and cartridges and no productions stops and down time offering superior print quality.

Display (User Interface): 7″ Touch screen
Resolution:  Up to 750 dpi
Environment: Operating Temperature: 5°/40° C – Controller Storage Temperature:-10°/60° C
Cartridge Storage Temperature: 2° /50° C – Humidity: Up to 70%
Printing Speed: 124 mt/min at a resolution of 150 dpi – 62 mt/min at a resolution of 300 dpi – 31 mt/min at a resolution of 600 dpi
Power Supply: AC: 110v-220v a 50-60Hz, 1A DC: 15v, 2A
Print Height: Up to 25,4mm (1″), with 2 Hp pens
Weight: 6 Kg
Consumables: 42ml printhead cartridge (life 1200ml), 400ml bulk cartridge for porous and non porous applications
Printing Capablities: Text, Variable informations, Alphanumeric characters, logos, 1&2D Barcodes
User Interface: USB, Ethernet, WI-FI connection, i/o port
Dimensions Print Head: H 82 x W 28 x P 123 mm
Controller: H 117 x L 183 x P 48 mm
Bulk System: H 155 x W 95/115 x P 128 mm