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Famjet Photos

Did you “program” your smartphone when you first bought it?
Probably not, you simply used it.
Fam International has implemented the same idea in our latest Photos inkjet printers with touch screen controller and Android technology. All everyday print functions use familiar icons and operators no longer need training to enter messages.
Photos inkjet printer has been designed for low cost printing applications. An out of the box simple printer equipped with Android technology and a 7” Touch screen LCD. Prints multiple lines of text, graphics, barcodes and 2D codes with 18mm total printing height. Different inks enable printing onto non-porous materials (plastic, glass, metal) or porous surfaces (cardboard, wood, gypsum). The simplicity of this printer and the ease of installation or swapping between production lines guarantee maximum uptime in a production factory. It is a real alternative to complex CIJ printers at a very affordable price. It is typically used to print best before dates onto products on a production line in high resolution print quality. Free PC software forr creating, downloading and storing complex messages is included.



Resolution: 1 to 8 lines of print, with 2-18mm print height
Weight: High resolution printing of multiple barcodes
and 2D codes with 18mm total print height
Consumables: Low cost coding and clean inking system, ideal for
printing on to porous and non-porous surfaces
Accessories: Photos inkjet equipped with Android technoloy
and a 7” Touch screen LCD


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