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Make Up Videojet Printers You Can Always Rely On

Fam International manufacturing quality control processes for our consumables and parts to deliver the best possible printer and code performance. Make Up Videojet manufacturers including Imaje, Domino, Linx, Willett, Videojet, Hitachi, and so on as a branded printer using only high-grade dyes and pigments. Similarly, spare parts are manufactured in an ISO environment with automated test fixtures for many of our mission-critical parts. Fam International continuous inkjet printers support the end user’s track and traceability requirements via date code, expiration, or barcode serialization directly on any product packaging surface. Cij inkjet printer technology permits non-contact printing flexibility to mark on rough, uneven, or various surface materials from any direction.

Ink Imaje gives a comprehensive range of consumables to meet every printing need. Decades of experience formulating, manufacturing, and selling inks make sure that you get the highest quality inks available in the market and optimal performance with our printers. The supplier of a wide range of Image Printer Ink, which is offered customized solutions to meet the specific demands of our clients and deliver the consignments within the specified time frame.

Nowadays, Hitachi is an honor for the research and development investment made into industrial ink and makeup fluid for our coding equipment. The solvents and inks are specially designed to maximize ink usage with consistent, legible codes while minimizing any corrosion or damage to the internal parts of the Make Up Hitachi continuous inkjet printers and case coders. With Fam International, manufacturing companies can expect:

  • Top-quality inks and fluids make for optimization with the coding solutions
  • Expenditure in R&D to develop new formulations for better adhesion to difficult substrates and manufacturing environmental conditions
  • Carry on with the research into better quality pigmented inks for clear coding
  • Smart cartridge systems make adding ink and fluids mistake-proof and reduce ink and solvent waste in the cartridge containers
  • Fluids and Inks that connect or exceed U.S. safety standards

There are various types of Make Up Hitachi ink available; the two most common ones are those used in laser and inkjet printers. This type used in laser printers is costlier, but they are more durable and produce high-quality results. Using for printing company letterheads, labels, marketing products, and other business-related documents. The dyed and pigmented types used in the inkjet printers are more accessible and work best when low printing volumes are required. It gives efficient and highly clear prints. For expert purposes, high-grade inkjet types can be used as well.

Did you know: Know the types of Videojet inks for your needs

The different types as well, such as the solid type, which has a wax-like consistency. The type of ribbon is utilized in dot matrix and thermal transfer printers. The UV type utilizes UV rays on the printing surface, dries instantly, and is one of the high-cost ones. There is a paste used for 3D printing that comes in several colors and types to pick from. Make Up Videojet should be purchased while keeping some factors in mind, such as the type of printer one has and the kind of output you want.