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Know the types of Videojet inks for your needs

Have you received any feedback on your printed label quality and Videojet Ink? If you are an industrialist, you know the regulations and licenses you need to follow and procure. Hence, it is a significant responsibility of yours to purchase the right printer and ink for your needs. Many companies like FAM INTERNATIONAL are working for ages to provide the best marking and coding solutions.

It is challenging to select the right ink if you are a new industrialist or company owner. Therefore, expert advice is needed to save costs on production, improve product quality, and eventually increase revenue. Besides, our post will certainly help you find the right Videojet Branded Inks for your requirements. The ink types and their applications are also listed in this post!

How should one use printers and inks?

Many manufacturers are bringing new kinds of printers and inks. However, the experts always suggest using the same brand of inks and printers to derive maximum results. Therefore, you must consult with your printer’s company to supply the inks for your commercial needs. Most continuous inkjet printers are always compatible with the Videojet printing inks.

Know the Ink Types Here!

Videojet is setting a benchmark in customer services, reliability, performance, and Ink Videojet purity. Hence, you are guaranteed to receive the best fluid and ink technology for your needs. The inks clear codes, deliver cleanliness, improve supply chains, reduce waste, and extend uptime. Therefore, let’s start with knowing the Videojet printing ink types in the below points:

  • Continuous Inkjet Inks: These inks are suitable for Willett, and Videojet branded printers. You will get a broad range of specialty and general-purpose inks like solvent-resistant and thermochromic.
  • Thermal Transfer Ribbons: Videojet has high temperature, abrasion-resistant, and general-purpose transfer ribbons. Besides, these contain a back-coat technology to improve the printhead life.
  • Thermal Inkjet Inks: Commercial Videojet Inks have fast dry and long decap times. These inks have high performance, making them ideal for case coding and primary marking.
  • Case Coding Inks: You can find hundreds of inks for marsh large characters and Videojet inkjet printers. Besides, you can also buy MEK, alcohol, and water-based inks to fulfill your needs.

Start saving money on the VIDEOJET inks now!

The technology is allowing us to formulate environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions daily. It has given us printers that can transform soft-copy texts, logos, etc., into hard copies. In this same manner, you can also procure Videojet Certified Inks to fulfill your mass printing needs. Moreover, such links are available in distinctive grades that are compatible with multiple printer brands.

FAM INTERNATIONAL is an old company that solely caters to the coding and marking requirements of numerous industries. Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Mechanical, and other industries generally procure inks from the company. Therefore, you can also lay trust in the Videojet printing inks!

For more information on the ink types and their costing, you need to contact the customer care service. Besides, the experts will assist you in selecting the right ink for your specifications.

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