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Ink Leibinger from Entry-level to The High Speed That is Easy to Install and Easy to Use

Leibinger printers provide a distinctive print-head design that retracts the ink gutter into the nozzle when the printer is shut down to form an airtight seal, protecting key components allowing easy beginning, and keeping print quality consistent. Ink Leibinger provides reliability and efficiency not possible with conventional continuous inkjet printers. The regularity of Leibinger printhead continuity is typically months instead of every few days or even daily.

The Leibinger industrial inkjet printer is the perfect solution for all your product marking needs, to its wide variety of functions. Films, cans, cardboard, glass cables, wood, plastics, metal, and steel are marked without contact by the continuous inkjet printer during ongoing production. Particular inks are used, drying in less than one second. Ink Leibinger can be used in product surface convex, concave, rough, or smooth can be marked with fixed and variable data.

It represents the highest level of quality and reliability in product marking. The automated nozzle seal always prevents the ink in the print head from drying out. Together with clean Instant start and stop technology, it also makes sure that the small-character inkjet printers start-up on the production line every time without needing maintenance. The nozzle and integrated solvent saving mode keep solvent consumption to a minimum to reduce operating costs.

Did you know: A Wide Selection of Original Ink Leibinger

Ink Leibinger Printers feature:

  • Absolute automatic air-tight nozzle & gutter seal prevents clogging and reduces printhead cleaning to not more than once monthly
  • Idle mode cover instant start-up no matter how long the printer is inactive
  • Large WYSIWYG color touch screen with “HotKeys” is very user-friendly
  • Up to 5 lines of print with logos, bar codes & 2D data matrix
  • Stainless steel industrial grade cabinets
  • Properly packed electronics module needs no cooling fan or cabinet air filter
  • Properly clean, odorless Ink & solvent filling with ecoSolve option which can further reduce solvent consumption by up to 50%

Make Up Domino printers are the most flexible, highest speed printing solutions available for manufacturing today. For a long time, this technology has been used as a printer for applying dates and a lot of codes to a variety of products in the food industry. Every industrial inkjet is not the same, so beware of the low-cost/high-maintenance inkjet printers that will only frustrate your operating and maintenance staff. With Ink Leibinger unique print head technology and full reliability, it can be relied upon for marking and coding on dark surfaces, and to deliver high levels of legibility and productivity.