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A Wide Selection of Original Ink Leibinger

Today, Leibinger has developed a new security ink designed to be quick and profitable integrated into packaging lines to assist defend against product piracy. Get appropriate to be used within the Ink Leibinger as an inkjet printer that codes product packaging fabricated from plastic, cardboard and even glass or tins at initial look, the ink appears like a classic black ink however under a special UV-light, small fluorescent pigments begin to glow dark-green.

It’s coding and marking portfolio consists of a full range of inkjet printers, from entry-level to the highest speed and most exigent applications. Whereas we understand your application and demand could vary, Make up Leibinger never compromises on top-notch engineering quality and a commitment to period for our customers.

Get high contrast for printing on dark substrates

Fam Printing provides a unique print-head style that retracts the ink gutter into the nozzle once the printer is shut down to create an airtight seal, protective key parts permitting simple start-up and keeping print quality consistent. Our ink Leibinger printers provide reliability and efficiency not possible with standard inkjet printers. The frequency of Leibinger printhead maintenance is usually months rather than every few days or maybe daily.

As one of the brand-name leaders in the industry, make up Leibinger commonly used for industrial. We are proud to supply the best Leibinger ink products for companies that choose to use its brand but would prefer to lower their expenses. Fam printing has ink Leibinger fluids that are compatible with Leibinger printers and produce quality results whereas still saving you money.

Proper Make Up Leibinger integration into your production

Our latest printers accept a large variety of inks and ink colors to meet the needs of specific industry applications. It is made up of a stainless steel cabinet to create these units suitable for harsh production environments and, with the sealing system, it affords a bigger quantity of flexibility in production runs. Getting a Make Up Leibinger
that is always ready to print is a great advantage and reduces service and maintenance costs.

Mainly, the printers come equipped with a one-of-a-kind mechanism and guarantee high reliability when printing with lightweight colors like white ink. The original ink Leibinger for printers provides the right solution for several applications. We know that we have got the correct color for your marking and coding requirements. We are always happy to create a no-obligation print sample for you. Get ready to contact us.

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