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Advantages Of Tij Printer

Tij Printer machines employ standard ink cartridge systems and need no ink or solvent bottles to operate cleanly.

Thermal inkjet printers that store incrustations in a cartridge that controls the fluid pressure use drop-out ejection. A bubble is generated when an a0.1-millimetre-thick ink sheet is heated to roughly 340°C, allowing the ink to escape. After a droplet breaks away from this bubble, the firing chamber is then re-filled, which results in a collapse.

Benefits –

There are numerous possibilities for coding and marking objects, but the device should suit the purpose and the items marked or coded.

  • Tij Printer, for example, was once considered a substitute for dot matrix printing but can now generate high-quality, high-resolution prints. The term “thermal inkjet” refers to using a heating element to release ink from the nozzle. When the ink is warmed, a fluid shape pushes the ink out of the aperture and onto the printed product.
  • One of TIJ’s advantages is that the ink is safe, and there is no risk of leakage. Each time the cartridge is changed, the complete tint delivery system and printed head are brand new, as the tint and printhead are in the same cartridge. This eliminates the need for expensive ongoing system maintenance, apart from the occasionally simple cleaning of the print head. TIJ systems do not contain pumps or moving parts.
  • Due to the use of water as the leading drying agent in the original inks, TIJ units are suitable onto porous paper surfaces for printing for many years. PVC, PET, blister foils, and varnished coated cartons are among the materials that a TIJ unit that employs alcohol or another solvent may print on today. The variety of compatible materials that can be printed is continually expanding because of recent developments in solvent ink and printhead technology.
  • If the most effective resolution is not required for every printing task, the print resolution can be reduced.
  • If you’re on a tight budget and want to keep your printing costs down, a TIJ print can be altered to save ink usage. Adjusting the print quality, font size, and font style is a simple way to accomplish this.

Why are TIJ printers so popular? There are four causes for this:

  • No spills or leaks are possible because the ink in the sealed cartouche is contained.
  • The cost of a TIJ system is significantly less than that of several other types of inkjets with comparable capabilities.
  • With its superior print realism, TIJ printing provides great print clarity.


TIJ printers will also help reduce production costs by removing labels and reducing SKUs on pre-printed packaging. Error-free code, on the other hand, will increase uptime and decrease waste.