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Tag: Tij Printer

Tij PrinterTij Printer uses standard ink cartridge systems and does not need solvent or ink bottles to operate smoothly.

Drop ejection is used by thermal inkjet printers, which store ink in a cartridge that controls the fluid pressure. The inks are then supplied to the firing chamber, where an electric resistor heats them to almost 1,000,000 degrees Celsius every second. A bubble is generated when a 0.1-millimeter thick sheet of ink is heated to roughly 340°C, allowing the ink to escape. Then, after a droplet breaks away from the bubble, the firing chamber is re-filled as the procedure repeats and breaks down.

Tij Printer, also known as bubble jet printers, heat ink and apply it to a material using thermal energy or electricity. They can print on several, are a low-cost choice for high-speed printing.

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