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World-Class Industrial Printing Systems For Real World Applications

In the business setup of the economy, industrial printing machines are growing in large numbers. Various printing methods and processes are used by every industry for effective communication. Some machines used in industrial printing ink on the substrate (printing medium) which can be paper or plastic, cloth are referred to as the printing machinery. Making pressure on the substrate, the printing machinery sends the ink on the printing medium resting on an inked platform composed of movable type. The extension of industrial printing machines changed a lot of things in the world. It will make the move and safeguard of historical records, scientific findings, and knowledge easy and possible.

Nowadays, Industrial Printing Systems are available in many sizes to suit different needs. Extensive sizes of printing machinery are available for heavy-duty printing or big-time printing businesses. You can acquire small and medium sizes too for small and medium printing businesses. The machinery size regulates the volume of printing that will be done in a day, to a greater extent. When equated with small-sized printing machinery, heavy industrial printing machines can print a lot of things per hour or regularly. There are various types of printing machines for printing on different mediums since several printing machines make use of different printing technology.

Benefits of using an Industrial Printing

  • Irregular dependability—even in the harshest environments.
  • Flexible – latest features for all your applications.
  • Unique print quality for barcode, text, and graphics on a wide variety of media
  • Compatible performance in 24/7 mission-critical operations.

Industrial printing assists customers in the consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical, and industrial goods industries. The most newly launched industrial printing solutions help improve productivity, protect and grow brands, and stay ahead of industry trends and regulations. The recent product launches include innovative Continuous Inkjet Printers (CIJ), Laser Marking Systems, Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO), Thermal Inkjet Printers (TIJ), as well as Case Coding Printers and Print & Apply Labeling Systems (LPA).

Fam Ink specializes in the manufacture of industrial inkjet printers and high-quality industrial inkjet inks for the packaging industry. FAM International has relied on a wealth of knowledge and experience in the inkjet industry to design a full family of Large Character and Hi-Resolution printing systems. Additionally, Ink has been able to formulate the most comprehensive line of Hi-Resolution, Piezo, and Large Character fluids in the product identification market today. Reach operational excellence with customized production print solutions that help you deliver what the market demands on time and budget.