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Want the Best Printer and Its Ink for Bulk Mail Purposes? Read More!

Some years ago, selecting the right inkjet system to print addresses on bulk mail parts was simple- you either spent very much on the system to buy cheap ink or you expended a great deal on ink and purchased a cheap system. Those two choices still are present, but now bulk mailers can select a middle-ground inkjet system named the printer domino L-series. The most costly systems use constant flow technology (also named binary array) to deliver ink. The print heads for these systems are expensive, but they last lengthier than other varieties. The cost of ink, however, is quite low. So you expend more now but save over a lengthy period of time. Not only is the ink economical, but it also dehydrates much quicker than other systems. They also have a much lengthier throw distance (the distance that the print heads will “throw” ink onto the mail piece without forgoing print quality). But of all systems, the print quality at large is the lowest for these systems. If your jobs come in all forms and sizes, and you simply require a decipherable address, then constant flow will work. However, if you require higher quality, you may do better with another system.

The less costly system for bulk mail is the thermal inkjet system. The equipment itself is just as robust as the equipment used for unremitting flow, but it costs less because it doesn’t encompass those overpriced print heads. Rather, the print head is situated on the cartridge itself. So each time you add ink domino, you substitute the whole print head. Regrettably, that means the ink domino itself will cost more. Notwithstanding that, several bulk mailers pick thermal jet make up domino systems simply owing to the high quality. Thermal inkjet systems permit you to print exceptional graphics-ones that constant flow systems will have distress with. Simultaneously, the throw distance for thermal inkjet systems is very small. You will have to have the print heads very near to the mail pieces, which could cause gridlocks in the line and impede production.

The newest development in addressing equipment is the printer domino L-Series, which uses Lexmark technology. Precisely, it is a thermal inkjet system, but it was developed especially for bulk mail systems so loads of the common glitches were removed in its design. The equipment itself is less costly than constant flow systems. As it uses thermal jet technology, there is no necessity to buy and maintain print heads. But the ink cartridges are much economical than other cartridges. Not only is that, but the ink domino droplets are smaller and less ink used for every image. So, you save money on both the equipment and the materials. Selecting the right inkjet system is imperative for the future of your firm. Make certain you have all the facts about the different options accessible to you. And search for an equipment dealer who can offer you more than one solution, so that you don’t wind up buying something that doesn’t fit your requirements.