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UV Inkjet Printer Most advanced and Latest Printing Technology

As the booming ink segment in digital printing, UV inks provide special benefits for printing onto a variety of substrates. FAM UV ink provides instant curing, light fastness, high print quality, adhesion, scratch resistance, color density, no volatile organic compounds, and more. It operates a UV digital printing process to apply a 2D digital image to a 3D object.

A UV inkjet printer moves tiny droplets of ink onto plastic, paper, glass, metal, and other substrates to form an image through the use of an ink delivery system, also known as a print head. These inkjet printers offer a high return on investment (ROI), increased profitability, are used for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, work with a wide range of media.

The advantages of inkjet printing are endless as the applications allow for printing on almost any size and shape part. According to the latest inkjet direct to object printer capabilities, there are fewer hurdles that were once common in printing direct to shape. The capacity to print on demand, change graphics and utilize diversified substrates are some of the most unique uses of UV printing no matter the application.

It reaches it possible to transform your imagination into reality in a quick time. Excellent output coupled with efficient Indian engineering increases the print life of indoor and outdoor applications without any color loss. The modern technology of ultra-violet printing provides the finest solution for all roll-to-roll signage and display jobs, gifting accessories & other industrial print applications.

Our Flatbed, Roll-to-Roll, LED UV, UV LAMP printers are the answer to the ever-growing new-age signage printing business. The pictures are sent to the printer digitally (through the use of a computer) and are an exact representation of the digital image. Its operations are used in a wide variety of industries, most prominently: promotional, electronic, industrial, and drinkware.

UV inkjet printer ink is rushed out of the print head in the form of CMYK (and more) to create your image and cure it onto the part. To make sure proper adhesion qualities are met, direct to shape digital printers can utilize a wide variety of ink, each with its unique properties. The Edible ink can be utilized to print custom designs on pieces that will be used for human consumption such as custom cakes. These are considered food grade and are safe for ingestion at any age.

The specialty inks can be used when printing on material that may have a different surface texture. You can notice specialized inks to print on substrates such as glass, metal, and plastic. These inks are specifically designed for products to make sure they last with regular use and adhere well to the surface.