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Things You Should Know About Parts Domino’s Product

The coding, marking, and labelling products of Domino are designed to meet the compliance and productivity requirements of manufacturers worldwide.

The Digital Printing Solutions from Parts Domino are designed to meet the high-volume, high-quality commercial printing requirements. They add additional capabilities to a variety of industries, including packaging converters and security printing. These include a variety of labelling applications and variable printing systems for digital inkjet printers and control procedures.

Parts Domino’s Product –

1)  Are you seeking a high-quality box code that doesn’t need a lot of time or effort? Do you have any operational cost-cutting goals to meet?

Take a look at the Cx350i. The high-resolution, large-character printer is designed to help you meet your productivity, environmental, and cost-of-operational goals. The Parts Domino piezo jet (PIJ”s) printer is printing grade A, 1D, 2D barcode*, brand logos, traceability, and product batch information on secondary packing boxes and cases. Domino uses a high-resolution stainless-steel printer.

The Cx350i is a perfect alternative to labelling cardboard, corrugated, paper box, and cardboard applications. There is no need for factory air, and no label trash is produced; just vegetable-oil-based inks given in minute drops are used to create beautiful codes.

Cost-effective – pre-printed boxes and labels use less stock and produce less waste; print resolution can be adjusted for the highest code quality while using the least ink.

Free of charge Industry 4.0 – Connectivity options include standard interfaces like Ethernet/IPTM, factory MES, and ERP integration automation solutions, and 24/7 printer visibility is offered at Domino Cloud.

2) The Ax150i features Domino technology at a low price, whether you’re just getting started or growing your business. The Ax150i provides optimum flexibility and reliability to match your evolving coding needs because of its compact size and very responsive stop-start performance. The Ax150i comes with an i-Pulse printhead for high-quality, consistent printing, and it works with a variety of i-Pulse inks.

The intelligent consumable system makes ink and make-up changes quick and easy, while the i-Tech module eliminates the cost and difficulty of traditional servicing. The i-Techx electronics benefit the Ax150i, which is designed with user convenience in mind.

3) The D120i laser coder can boost the coding efficiencies of industrial production lines across numerous industries by producing several lines of text at a pace of 800 characters per second.

The simplicity of integration into current production lines is one of the advantages of this rapid and high-performing machine. It has a new i-Tech scan head, which is tiny and adaptable while working quickly. In the meantime, its flexible connectivity allows for remote control.

The D120i runs effectively at high line speeds due to Domino’s (optional) i-Tech proprietary Rapid Scan technology, which comprises different components inside the i-Tech design. All of these products are ideal for demanding production conditions.

Sum Up,

Domino’s division Digital Printing Solutions provides the business printing industry with digital inkjet printers and control systems, offering solutions for a broad range of labelling and varying applications for data printing.