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Minimizing Costs with Preventative Maintenance Ink Markem and Imaje

Nowadays, Printer Markem and Imaje are one of the most trusted and leading manufacturers of product identification and traceability solutions, offering a full line of reliable and innovative inkjet, thermal transfer, laser, thermal inkjet, print and apply label systems and RFID-based systems. Additionally, the Additive Markem printer’s automatic cleaning system ensures quick and easy start-ups while its low consumption rate reduces additive costs by up to half, with the unit’s latest generation hydraulic system.

Fam Printing delivers fully integrated solutions that enable product quality and safety, regulatory and retailer compliance, better product recalls and improved manufacturing processes. Our Printer Markem products can be used across several industries including food & beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical plus more industrial applications including aerospace, cabling and automotive. So if you need to add identification information to the Parts Markem products such as use by/display until dates, batch codes, barcodes, product descriptions or random promotional codes then look no further.

High-quality products and services additive markem-imaje

The Ink Markem also comes with Markem-Imaje’s proprietary Jet Speed Control, an embedded system that automatically maintains a consistent speed of ink drops onto the print head. A jet-speed sensor detects environmental temperature and the speed of specially charged drops between each Printer Imaje, while a control loop dynamically adapts it to ensure perfect drop placement, quality and code consistency in all conditions. The result is a best-in-class print quality as compared to other printers without the feature.

In this level, new inks are available: a range of high-adhesion Printer Imaje for the most difficult substrates to be marked, a MEK-free quick-drying ink and permanent ink. We are presented in new sealed cartridges which display the quantity remaining with greater precision. Easy-to-handle Ink Markem cartridges are quick and clean to replace, without stopping production operations.

Our main propose to make a highly compatible solvent to Additive Imaje. Our Solvent for Markem Imaje inkjet printers has been fully tested to ensure performance and reliability in Markem Imaje inkjet printers. Our solvent formulations use only the highest quality raw materials. Our solvent is supplied in bottles that fit directly onto the Parts Imaje printers so there is no re-filling required. If you want to purchase in bulk, this is also possible. Each batch of solvent must pass quality control tests and full batch records are kept for full traceability.

Latest inkjet coder meets the demand for beverage packaging versatility

All Spare Parts Imaje products are simple to use and maintain, and the research and engineering teams are constantly working to anticipate future coding needs and deliver increased performance with a lower cost of ownership. Technological innovation aims to optimize the life of equipment as well as integration into an industrial environment. Parts Imaje takes market-leading solutions, from a unique portfolio of coding and labeling technologies, including:

  • For thermal transfer overprinting: top-quality coding for flexible packaging and labeling
  • laser coding: fast, permanent marking of cartons,
  • PET and glass packaging
  • Main character inkjet: answers every product marking and coding need.
  • large character inkjet: high-resolution hot melt and liquid Printer Imaje for shipping case coding or personalization
  • Apply and print labeling: for thermal transfer print quality plus a wide range of label application techniques for cases, shrink-wraps, and pallets
  • software: for message creation and printing
  • equipment management
  • consumables: inks, additives, ribbons, and labels.

Our infrastructure facility is spread over a large area of land and it is equipped with the tools required for the manufacture and supply of industrial inks. Spare Parts Markem, the infrastructure facility is divided into separate sections for quality assurance, warehousing, logistics, administration and client support desk. Additionally, we offered, printer inks are made from high-grade raw materials and ingredients.

For least investment in coding hardware is required and the return is such that any brand, large or small, can justify the use of intelligent unique codes. It’s too good an opportunity to miss.

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