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Ink Linx built-in reliability for increased productivity

Marking and coding have undertaken Ink Linx printing technologies to meet the demands of customers who need a high contrast code on dark-colored bottles. All these Ink containers are usually returned from the marketplace and cleaned in a caustic wash process, typically used for returnable bottles before refilling and coding. The latest fast-drying ink is said to be specially formulated to provide outstanding adhesion on glass and to withstand the manufacturing process, packaging, and condensation.

The ink Linx brings clear, legible codes onto glass and keeps adhesion in cold-room condensation conditions. Fam does not compromise on the standards of the code the ink delivers high-quality, durable coding so that customers can meet the regulations and protect their brands. Designed to reduce your total cost of ownership and increase your production line output, the Linx takes consistent, error-free codes. With its unique sealed printhead design and durable stainless steel construction, the Parts Domino operates reliably in tough production environments, optimizing line productivity.

Authentic Ink Linx for your printers

  • Our original ink range for specialized solutions can make sure that your unique printing needs are met. With the high quality of materials used, our real specialized inks assure that you’ll get high-quality codes on your products each time, helping to improve efficiency and output.

Help secure product safety for your customers

  • We understand how crucial it is to keep your products and customers safe. For this reason, we provide a range of original inks from ink Linx that can be used to print anti-counterfeiting codes at exceptional quality. This assists in easy product traceability and identification to help reassure your customers that the product is safe and what’s inside is what the packaging says it is. Properly sealed printhead design protects critical components from physical damage

Top-quality inks for a range of environments

  • Most of the multifunctional inks lose their print quality when used in wet environments, a range of heavy-duty and durable specialized inks shine when used in wet, industrial environments. This makes sure that you can still apply high-quality codes to your products even when needing to contend with water and mist.

If you are using a specialized ink, you require a specialized solvent to go with it. Uncomplicated, one-touch, fluid cartridge refills during printing no mess, no tools, no mistakes. Ink Linx Printers authorize solutions that provide you better control of your production line and fast remote fault resolution to improve uptime.