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How to Minimise costs with Preventive Maintenance Ink?

Printer Markem and Imaje are among the most trusted manufacturers of product identification and traceability solutions. The leading brands offer a full line of reliable and advanced inkjet, laser, thermal inkjet, thermal transfer, print and apply label systems along with RFID-based systems. Plus, the Additive Markem printer’s automatic cleaning system offers fast and easy start-ups. Due to its world-class quality, the low consumption rate results in decreased costs of an additive by up to half.

Quality products additive Imaje and additive Markem

Markem’s ink comes with an fixed system that automatically preserves the consistency of the speed of ink drops dripping on the print head. The advanced speed sensor of the Imaje’s jet speed control product detects the environmental temperature and the speed of drops between every printer Imaje. All this takes place when a control loop dynamically adjusts it in a way to ensure seamless drop placement, quality, and code uniformity in every condition.

From a high-adhesion printer Imaje to the MEK-free, quick-drying and permanent ink, many new inks are available out there. Nowadays, even ink cartridges are also very easy-to-handle and quick to replace. The key purpose of the leading companies is to make a highly compatible solvent to Additive Imaje. The companies use the highest quality raw materials and test these solvents to ensure they offer great performance in Markem Imaje inkjet printers. As the solvent is supplied in bottles that are directly fitted onto the parts Imaje printers, you don’t need to refill it.

As the research and development teams of companies work on anticipating the future coding needs and delivering increased performance, the spare parts are very simple to use and maintain. Constant industrial innovations aim to optimise the life of equipment in an industrial environment.

Top-quality coding for flexible labelling and packaging for thermal transfer overprinting.

  • Laser coding: fast and permanent marking of cartons
  • PET and glass packaging
  • Software: for message creation and printing
  • Equipment management
  • Consumables: inks, additives, ribbons, and labels

As coding hardware requires the least expense, its return is such that any brand can justify the use of intelligent unique codes.