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A Guide On Choosing An Inkjet Printer And Its Proper Maintenance

Selecting a printer can be an assignment and involves harmonizing price, speed, and print quality. Though there are numerous kinds of printers accessible, the newest inkjet printers are still favored by the individuals who usually look forward to high-grade printing with finest resolution.

The usage of the thermal inkjet printer is high in all terms since they are used for numerous purposes giving the best output. One of the benefits of the inkjet printers are these are said to be lightweight and upkeep of the device is also decent. Maximum of the inkjet printers come with detachable cartridge and if the color gets down they can easily restocked. In the printers, the print head plays a main role in printing. Low cost, compact size, soft operations, marking high-quality logos and barcodes and supplementary features (like USB port and memory card opening) are some of the benefits of an inkjet printer.

Printing ink and other parts

With the numerous cartridges available in physical and online stores, customers can choose printer, replacement spare parts, inks and cartridges useful for his needs.


A preventative maintenance and service strategy is key to leveraging the investment in your coding and marking equipment. Changing the ink tanks, inspecting the nozzles, cleaning the print heads, brushing the outer body of the printer etc. with our cleaning solution 1000 are some useful things to take care of your coding and marking equipment. It is always better to ask our team of experts.

At FAM International, we have developed sturdy proficiency on local market thanks to fineness in distribution of high-quality industrial inkjet printers. Our solutions and accessories meet the premier contemporary requirements of the international marketplace. Our variety of products consists of industrial printers, autonomous ink cartridges, inkjet fluids and printing solutions for a multiplicity of industries ad applications.