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Are you looking for a solution to get high-quality prints directly on eatables? Do you want quick enhanced printing of barcodes? Well, then wax-based hot melt inks are your perfect choice. These inks come in the form of solids and are made with edible wax-based technology.

We at FAM International 

Internationals offer high-quality wax-based hot melt inks by Markem Imaje. These inks are specifically engineered to give the best high-resolution prints.

Hot melt Ink Markem

Moreover, if you want to discuss using this Wax Ink Markem, you can freely call us and inquire about anything.

A few words about Wax Ink by Markem:

Wax-based ink from Markem is a solvent-free ink formula that is made with edible constituent particles. This ink is completely safe and you can use it directly on food items like eggs, biscuits, and cheese.

This touch dry hot-melt solid ink is environment-friendly and ensures no bleed-through on ink transfer when applied on the coding surfaces. Moreover, this Wax Ink by Markem offers a wide range of product configurations including:

  • Scanners
  • Cameras
  • Encoders
  • Printhead slide assembles

Additionally, the printing results include Swiss fonts and Hebrew characters. Sounds super exciting, right?

Do not hesitate to contact FAM International and clarify all your doubts regarding this instant dry solid ink.

How advantageous would it be to use wax ink by markem?

  • Rapid and high-quality coding: This solid ink’s most impressive feature is its quick drying. This Markem’s Wax Ink works on large drop volume on ultimately high frequency, enabling it to produce rapid results. This wax ink takes the coding speed up to 2 m/s.
  • Multiple images at the same time: Wax ink has made edible coding so easy and fast. In fact, it enables you to get high-resolution results on different substrates. And most importantly, this quick-drying solid ink provides about four edible coding images simultaneously. Hence, this Quick Dry Wax Ink by Markem will eventually increase productivity and will help you save time.
  • Low-priced improved traceability: We offer authentic wax ink by Markem, which delivers the best 1D or 2D code printing on edible items. This will eventually cut down extra costs of packaging and labels.

Call us right away!

If you have decided to get high-quality printing of barcodes, text, and graphics with the help of this wax ink, you can call us anytime.

Our team will help you in all possible ways to get a clear idea of Wax Ink Markem’s usage.