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Tag: Hot Melt Ink Markem

Hot Melt Ink MarkemHot melt inks Touch Dry® The Markem-Imaje hot melt ink range comprises, but is not limited to:

• Solid inks that dry instantaneously after printing at an average temperature. Inks for printing directly on food made with FDA-approved components.

• Printing in freezing temperatures requires temperature-specific inks.

Hot Melt Ink Markem inks that dry quickly after printing an average temperature. High-speed flow wrapping applications require flexible film inks.

Markem’s (Keene, NH) 5200, 5200 SC, and 5400 ink-jet printers are compatible with the 5005 Series Touch Dry hot melt inks. The ink dries instantly as it comes into touch with the substrate, resulting in a clean, crisp print that never weeps.

Hot Melt Ink Markem, which is available in black, enables programmers to print codes considerably faster than before while maintaining excellent quality, according to the business. Superior blackness at low-density settings, good smear and abrasion resistance, and good package-to-package offset resistance are among the other benefits.

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